Thursday, January 21, 2010

I read an article called Employee References: Is Passing Off Your Bad Apples to Someone else OK?
Below is a link to the article.
It was a very interesting article that poses a good question: What can a former employer say in a reference letter when the employment may not have been terminated on the best of terms? There are laws that protect employees from slander, and from a reference letter being written that casts a negative light on the prospective employee.

What can an employer do to limit the problems they may have as a result of the letter? (The article has a few answers that will be discussed in the not so distant future right here on my blog)

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  1. I liked this article, it seems like it should be the point of a reference to tell them how the employee performed. I know if I was hiring someone and there was an issue at an old job I would want to know. Although I can see a company bashing a former employee if they felt that he/she left on bad terms even if overall they did a great job.